Deconstruction Work

What do you do if you’re a successful playwright at the top of your game and you have some good will to burn off? You experiment! Henry IV Part 2 is Shakespeare taking the thematic elements of Part 1 and deconstructing them like a madman. In the place of the riotously funny Tavern Scene in […]


Middle Aged Man – A Tragedy

I remember the moment I realized that I was middle-aged. I was taking a course at a nearby community college, and the campus had buildings that were a good distance from the lot where I was parked. I was running a little late, and acted on a sudden impulse to break into a run. The…

Two Guys

It's my favorite scene in Shakespeare, and it begins with my two favorite characters. Two guys are stumbling around in the dark at 2 am, trying to get their horses ready so they can make a delivery to London. They've had a miserable night. The inn they are staying at is a flea-infested dump and…